Save Money By Having a Romantic Truck Bed Date (2024)

Save Money By Having a Romantic Truck Bed Date (1)

There is a myth that dating has to be expensive. If you’re in a relationship, going on dates is crucial. What should you do when you get tired of going out to dinner or for a night out on the town? More importantly, what happens when your wallet gets tired? A truck bed date is simple, fun, and one of the most romantic ways to enjoy your time with your significant other.

All you need is a pickup truck with an open flatbed and you have everything you need for a romantic and money-saving date. Truck bed dates are especially perfect for the summertime. If you are considering a romantic truck bed date while the weather is nice, some of these tips and ideas can help.

Get Comfy and Enjoy Nature

We often spend so much time indoors that simply being outside and getting the chance to appreciate nature and our surroundings can be very soothing. Who better to enjoy a relaxing night outside with than your significant other? Instead of having a relaxing night in, retreat to the bed of your truck for a romantic date under the stars that can potentially cost you nothing.

You’ll want to bring lots of blankets and food to snack on for your truck bed date while you talk and stargaze. Try to park in front of a scenic view and if either of you like games, it may be a good idea to bring some cards or a board game to play together.

Consider a Drive-In Movie

Take the idea of a drive-in movie to the next level by making it a relaxing truck bed date. Maybe it’s just me, but drive-in movies always remind me of the movie Grease. They are so classic, relaxing, and pretty cheap – perfect for a truck bed date. See if any shows are playing near your area. Then all you need is popcorn and a drink.

Go on an Adventure

If you want to hit the road, try driving to a national park for a daytime picnic truck bed date. You can grill out, turn on some music, hang out in your truck bed, and enjoy the scenic view. If you want to extend the date, consider heading to a nearby camping site and pitching a tent for the night.

All You Need is Each Other

Your truck bed date can include whatever you like, so feel free to get creative and enjoy not having to spend much money to enjoy your night together. My husband and I love movies and games, but most importantly, we just love spending time together. We learned early on that we don’t always need to spend money on each other to show how much we care.

Save Money By Having a Romantic Truck Bed Date (2)

I personally would appreciate thoughtful and cheap spontaneous dates as opposed to lavish gifts anyway. Some of the happiest times we’ve had as a couple have not been when we were sitting across from each other at an expensive dinner table or on Valentine’s Day when we used to exchange lavish gifts. It’s when we are sitting side-by-side, telling each other stories and laughing about our inside jokes.

Organize and Plan Your Truck Bed Date

You will want to give your date your best, so get organized! Be sure you have a solid plan for your truck bed date. Think through the logistics of the evening, such as where you are going and how to get there. You will also want to be sure you do the right contingency planning. Check the weather, be sure you have enough gas in the truck, and double-check that your cell phone is fully charged in case something goes wrong. Finally, be sure you have everything you need to make the date a success. Bring enough snacks, drinks, stargazing equipment, or music.

Still Struggling Financially even after Saving on a Cheap Date?

Saving money on an inexpensive date is great, but if you’re still struggling financially at the end of the day and need options, consider online title loans. Getting into a comfortable place financially can reduce strain on any relationship, letting you and your partner enjoy your frugal date ideas all the more.

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Save Money By Having a Romantic Truck Bed Date (2024)
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