25 Chili Recipes to Keep You Warm (2024)

As Fall and then winter moves in, I crave hot meals – like soups, stews, and my personal favorite, chili! Here are 25 chili recipes to keep you warm!

25 Chili Recipes to Keep You Warm (1)

Easy Homemade Chili recipes

I always make homemade chili seasoning with this recipe from Amanda’s Cookin’. I keep several packets of it handy in my pantry. It’s a great blend that’s perfect as a base for just about any ingredients you like to add.

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It has just the right amount of heat, even the kids can handle it. But, if you have little ones, you might want to cut it back just a tad.

25 Chili Recipes to Keep You Warm (2)

Chili Recipes with Ground Beef

While there are plenty of different ways to make chili, ground beef versions have been around for a long time! Here are five recipes using hamburger meat:

1. Cowboy Chili Recipe

Put on your boots and enjoy Chef in Training’s Cowboy Chili!

2. Famous Crockpot Chili Recipe

Are you looking for an easy crockpot chili recipe? Try this Famous Chili recipe from Julie’s Eats & Treats.

3. 3 Bean Chili Recipe

Amanda’s Cookin’s 3 Bean Chili isn’t just delicious, it’s also healthy!

4. Game Day Beer Chili Recipe

Looking for the best dish to bring to a Game Day party? Try Self Proclaimed Foodie’s Game Day Beer Chili!

5. Best Damn Chili Ever Recipe

Part old fashioned chili recipe, part quick & easy dinner genius! Try this traditional chili recipe from Spaceship & Laser Beams for a true comfort food experience.

25 Chili Recipes to Keep You Warm (3)

Vegetarian Chili Recipes

If you prefer to keep meat out of your diet, vegetarian chili packs a big protein punch because it’s loaded with beans, and even lentils, amongst other nutritious ingredients.

6. Lentil Chili Recipe

Little Broken’s Lentil Chili is the perfect hearty, fall dish!

7. Quinoa Chili Recipe

Looking for ways to add more quinoa to your diet? Try Damn Delicious’ Quinoa Chili.

8. Veggie Loaded Chili Recipe

This Veggie Loaded Chili, from Home Cooking Memories, is a great and sneaky way to get your little one to eat his or her veggies!

9. Roasted Butternut Squash Chili Recipe

The Kitchen is my Playground’s Roasted Butternut Squash Chili is a fall must!

10. Darryl’s Famous Vegetarian Chili Recipe

Darryl’s Famous Vegetarian Chili from Family Fresh Meals.

11. Healthy Pumpkin Chili Recipe

The Glowing Fridge’s Healthy Pumpkin Chili is the fall goal! It’s so yummy, and there is just a hint of pumpkin! Plus, all of the ingredients are good for you. You can’t go wrong!

25 Chili Recipes to Keep You Warm (4)

Chili Recipes with Turkey, Sausage, and Chicken

If you love meat, but you’re trying to cut back on the red stuff, there are other options, such as poultry and sausage.

12. White Chicken Chili Recipe

Cooking Classy’s White Chicken Chili is delicious!

13. Biggest Loser Turkey Chili Recipe

iFood Real’s Biggest Loser Turkey Chili (unavailable) is big on protein and low on fat!

14. Soy Chorizo and Two-Bean Chili Recipe

This Soy Chorizo and Two-Bean Chili from Bev Cooks is tasty and good for you!

15. Buffalo Chicken Chili Recipe

Crockpot Gourmet’s Buffalo Chicken Chili is perfect for Game Day parties!

16. 5-Ingredient White Chicken Chili Recipe

Gimme Some Oven’s 5-Ingredient Easy White Chicken Chili is a quick recipe to make during the busy work week.

25 Chili Recipes to Keep You Warm (5)

Slow Cooker Chili Recipes

Ready to break out your slow cooker? Chili is one of the easiest recipes for the crockpot!

17. Slow Cooker Texas Chili Recipe

Six Sisters Stuff’s Slow Cooker Texas Chili is a classic!

18. Slow Cooker Chili Recipe

Gimme Some Oven’s Slow Cooker Chili will warm you from your head to your toes!

19. Chuck Wagon Chili Recipe

Miss Information’s Chuck Wagon Chili has steak in it!

20. Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Chili Recipe

Switch up your next Taco Tuesday with Farm Fresh Feasts’ Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Chili.

25 Chili Recipes to Keep You Warm (6)

Other Fun ways to Enjoy Chili

Once you find your favorite chili recipe, try making chili cheese dogs or chili cheese dip. Bake some homemade bread bowls to fill with chili or host a full-blown chili bar!

21. Oven Baked Chili Cheese Dogs Recipe

Life in the Lofthouse’s Oven Baked Chili Cheese Dogs is another yummy Game Day option!

22. Chili and Cornbread in a Jar Recipe

Stone Gable’s Chili and Cornbread in a Jar (unavailable) is a wonderful way to make chili work for lunch!

23. Homemade Bread Bowls Recipe

Baker Bettie’s Homemade Bread Bowls are the yummiest way to serve chili to your friends and family!

24. Chili Cheese Dip Recipe

Chili Cheese Dip, from Mom Endeavors, makes for some great tailgating food!

25. Chili Bar Party Ideas and Printables Recipe

Try hosting a Chili Bar Party during your next get-together with this fun idea from Living Locurto.

25 Chili Recipes to Keep You Warm (7)

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So which chili recipe are you going to try to cook today? Let us know in the comments!

25 Chili Recipes to Keep You Warm (2024)
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